Monday, October 10, 2011

...My Daughter...

"No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...4 months...

Paislee celebrated her 4 month birthday on Sunday, September 18, 2011. She is just the cutest thing ever and is getting soooo big! Her are some pictures of our 4 month photo shoot.

My favorite
Looking at Daddy instead of the camera

Now looking at her mobile instead of the camera

Grabbing her 4 month sign

She decided to lay on her bear instead of sit by it

and Paislee letting me know she is done with her photo shoot

Here are Miss Paislee's updates at 4 months

*Weighs 14.8 pounds

*24 1/2" long

*Started eating baby food this month! Her first ever veggie was squash and now she has had some green beans and mashed potatoes, which she loves! This kid is an eater.

*Said her first word...MA, yes I am not crazy. 3 others witnessed when she gets upset and wants me she looks at me and says Ma. Melts my heart everytime.

*Got a bouncer and walker and even though she can't touch the ground she LOVES playing in them.

*She figured out how to splash in the tub and splashes me and just giggles

*Loves her feet, one of her favorite things to do is lay on her back so she can eat her feet

*Grabbing and pulling on everything (hair, the dogs ears, grandpas beard) and then as soon as she has it she wants it in her mouth

*Loves to be naked

*Giggles when we tickle those chunky thighs or arms

*Still super nosey and a ham

*Discovered that she now no longer likes her car seat and gets mad everytime we put her in it

*Loves being outside no matter what we are doing, but especially loves watching football

Paislee just has the cutest personality and is so fun, she makes so many people lives happy with her sweet smile!

Love you little Miss Paislee Cam

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...3 Months...

WOW! Where does the time go, I swear once you have a child your life instantly switches to "fast forward".

On August 18, 2011 little Miss Paislee Cam turned 3 months old, I still don't believe that she is that old but at the same time I can't imagine life without her and it's almost like she has always been apart of our lives (that totally doesn't make any sense, unless you are a parent and those of you that aren't will understand what I mean). Here are some pictures from our 3 month photo shoot.

My cute little bug
The little stinker kept sliding down, but I think it's because she didn't need the blanket to help her sit up anymore...a little bitter sweet moment.

She is always such a happy girl

Look at those legs :)

The reason I breathe

Showing off her belly

Here are some updates on Paislee at 3 Months.

* Weighs 13.5 pounds, Dr. Allred said she puts on weight like a champ.

* She has developed a bit of acid reflux so she is taking a little bit of rice cereal to help keep her food down.

* Starting to roll over on her side, and enjoys tummy time for a few minutes but then gets really mad after she is ready to be done.

* Holding her head up really good, and standing up (with help of course) her legs are getting strong.

* Paislee is SO NOSEY, her new nickname is "Nosey Rosey" because she loves to people watch and fights sleep because she is worried she might miss something. Just like Mommy everyone says :)

* Loves to watch T.V. and be outside, she could do either for hours. She will not eat most times unless she is able to watch T.V. at the same time (were in trouble I know).

* Grabbing and chewing her toys, and blowing spit bubbles all over all of the time.

* Talking, Giggling, and Smiling all of the time. I tell her she is a ham because when anyone tells her she is cute, beautiful etc. she just smiles and flirts.

* She is very smart and has figured out how to let Mommy put her in our bed to snuggle, she loves to snuggle.

* Loves to bath and swim, she is such a water baby.

Thanks for a wonderful 3 months baby girl you are our life and Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! We can't wait for each new chapter in your life and to watch you grow.

From day one I have been telling my Mom "this is my favorite stage" but I find I keep saying that with each new thing she learns. I miss my newborn but I love where she is now and her personality shining through. Being Paislee's mom is truley the best part of my life!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where Did You Get Those Blue Eyes

The answer is Miss Paislee got these beautiful blue eyes from her Uncle Cam and her Grammie. I couldn't help but notice how blue her eyes have gotten until she was in this blue outfit the other day. I may be bias because she is my daughter but I think they are absolutely STUNNING! She looks so much like her Uncle Cam and Grammie it's kinda scary, but I won't lie I love looking in those eyes and seeing my brother. I know he wanted her to look just like him because he loves his niece so much and I just know she is his prodigy.

On another note...

I snapped these pictures on my phone at 3 a.m. today. I heard Pais sucking and it woke me up and this is how I found her, sucking that little thumb so hard I thought she would suck it right off! I was so happy because it was the cutest thing to me (even though daddy says were in trouble) I woke him up to witness this cute act as well :) She is just like mommy, I was quite the thumb sucker myself.


I can't believe it but next week my baby girl will 3 months old. Time has flown by since she came into this world. Looking at these pictures gives me a bitter sweet feeling, I miss this tiny little newborn and wish I could keep her little forever but I am enjoying every single minute of watching her grow and learn new things. She makes life SO MUCH FUN!

Right after birth

Going home in her princess outfit.

Just finished eating and looking at mommy.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Is about to get a whole lot better!

Friday I got an itch to get a new camera. Well I had been wanting a new one for awhile but decided we needed a video camera more with a little one at home. I was supposed to get one for my birthday but we got busy, I was 37 weeks pregnant and miserable so I never felt like going to pick something out, then a week later we became parents and had our little princess so that has kept us busy since then.


Friday I couldn't take it any longer, I gave my husband a little guilt trip about needing my birthday present this year and pleaded my case. To my surprise (well actually it wasn't a surprise, my husband pretty much lets me get just about everything I ask for) he said yes and I started researching and asking around and finally ended up settling on this beauty.

A Canon Rebel T3

It even came with an extra lense, it also will shoot video in HD so I got two new toys in one. I played with it a little this weekend and have already fallen in love it is so fast and takes awesome pictures. I will put some on here soon, mostly pictures of our baby girl of course.

Now that I mentioned my husband letting me get new things, I might as well share this as well. I got a new car...a Ford Escape (See Below)

Mine isn't black it's a dark grey but it is perfect and I am so in love. It has a sunroof, keyless entry, good cup holders, awesome AC and the new Microsoft Sync system so I can answer my phone with just a simple button on my steering wheel and control my ipod on my steering wheel as well, all the must haves in a vehicle as far as I am concerned. I will admit as much as I love our new car it was hard to get rid of my Mazda 6 I have LOVED that car and would not hesitate purchasing a new one...but Paislee's stroller took up the entire trunk and her carseat pretty much took up the entire back seat so I needed a little more room for us but needed something that wasn't a gas hog since I work in Salt Lake, so this works out PERFECT.

On a small side note, my parents ended up buying my Mazda

so I still get to see her so our split hasn't been to bad :)

But that is all my new stuff for now, I am still working on my husband for new carpet in the house, I can't wait to do a post on that someday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paislee's Weekly Pictures

So I have seen a few different people do this and knew instantly that I wanted to do it for my babies one day. I have been taking a picture of Paislee next to her bear that she (well mostly my Mom, Me, Gaige, and my Grandma) built at Build-A-Bear once a week so we can see how much she grows being next to it. I am a bit behind in posting so you get a catch up post here. This week (8 weeks) will be the last weekly picture then we will be moving onto monthly pics. It's so fun to watch her grow, it's bitter sweet for me I love seeing her grow and develop and I LOVE her little personality but it makes me sad because I wish I could keep her little and be my little snuggle bug FOREVER...


4 weeks

5 weeks

she looks like she is thinking "really mom?"

6 this was my favorite becauase she found her personality this week and was all giggles during our shoot

I was telling her she is the prettiest girl in the world and she would just smile

even though she is falling over I am so in LOVE with this picture

7 weeks smiling again but not at me she loves her mobile in her crib

sweet girl

Also today is Paislee's 8 week birthday! It also marks the best 8 weeks of my life!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am so behind on blog updates it's sad but I promise starting tomorrow I am going to be better. Life is just to busy and fun with a baby to worry about a blog, I just want to spend all day and night loving and kissing our baby girl. I know this post is boring but prepared for a major picture overload soon!

Until then I will leave you with this...

Our little cutie on her first 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

...Paislee's Birth Story...

paislee cam hammon
wednesday...may 18, 2011
6:56 am
7 pounds 10 ounces
20 1/2 inches

it all started on tuesday... may 17, 2011 my mom and i went to my doctors appointment with doctor bierer, we were so anxious because he had told us that if she wasn't here by tuesday he would start me the following day so when he came in and told me that the hospital was booked for wednesday and i could either get started that night or wait until thursday, i don't think that he finished his sentence before i was saying oh i will go tonight for sure :)! he said ok be to the hospital by 6 it was 4:30 so we had to hurry. i called dustin and he was still at work so i told him you better get your butt home now because we have to be to the hospital by 6 because were having a baby tonight. i was so excited we hurried back to my moms so we could get my car and then headed to my house to get dustin and our packed bag (which was ready to go already).

we got to the hospital and i told my mom and dustin it feels so good going in here knowing they can't send me home lol (i had been in the hospital twice to stop my labor at this point) i will never forget my mom and dustin asking me over and over "are you nervous yet?" and everytime the answer was "no" i don't know why but i really wasn't, just so anxious to have my baby girl. when we got into my room i got changed and the nurse came into check me and i had went from a 3 to 4 just since we left the doctors office so she called him right then to come break my water, we were all thinking oh wow this might go by pretty quick (even the nurse) she was determined to deliver our baby because she ended up knowing dustin's and my parents both...small world. my doctor got there and broke my water and almost immediatley my contractions started coming quicker and a lot harder, what a weird feeling too...everytime i moved an inch water came out and felt like i was peeing my pants and ya just lay there. the nurse came back checked again and i was at a 5 so she was like we better have ya go to the bathroom so you are ready so i did...and when i got back into to bed i decided i was so ready for my epidural (i don't know how anyone gives birth naturally, i acutally facebooked right after that i could kiss whoever invented the epidural) i hate needles so i was a little nervous but when i was sitting there with my mom and aunt rox they kept telling me it really is not that bad (dustin HATES needles so he made sure my mom could be there with me cause he couldn't lol) i was hunched over and holding my mom and roxanne's hand when he started and i had a contraction while he was doing my epidural so all i remember is the contraction pain, i really didn't think the epidural hurt at all.

so now we all just waited...dustin, my parents, rox, dustin's parents and his brother, and of course my brother was there with us too. i kept progressing quickly and was at a 9 by 1:00 am but thats when it all slowed i was dialated to a 10 on one side but had a small "lip" on the other so we had to wait to push...i stayed that way for 4 long hours they even had to come and numb me some more. my poor nurse had shift change and she was unable to deliver paislee i was sad but i LOVED the next nurse she came in at 5:30ish and checked me, i was starting to feel pressure at this point as well and she said i think your a 10 and ready to push, i could have kissed her! so we started and i pushed for about and hour and a half before our little princess made her appearance at 6:56 am. i will never forget that moment, seeing her for the first time changed my life forever and i have never loved someone more in my life instantly. i never thought that i could love her more than i did when i found out i was pregnant but my heart grew when i seen her beautiful face. being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me i love my little paislee and dustin with everything that i am and it's amazing to me how instantly, we could never imagine life without her.

i will admit i miss this whole experience already, i am so glad that paislee is here but all the excitement and emotions that day were so fun and have given me memories that i will cherish forever. and i am so grateful to my brother for blessing us with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. she will love her name and i can't wait to tell her all about how special she is and who she is named after, she will be honored i am sure.

mommy and daddy love you little miss paislee cam hammon

Monday, May 16, 2011

...i am not a patient person...

i am so very impatient, especially when it comes to this little beautyour chubby little sumo at 37 weeks

i went to the doctor last wednesday, and he stripped my membranes and made my almost 3 centimeters, definitely a 3 and 75% thinned...can you so OUCH! (sorry if that is tmi). he also had me move my appointment to tuesday and said if she isn't here by then they will check me and schedule me to be induced on wednesday, may 18th. i could have kissed him, i have been having painful contractions for weeks, she weighs 7lbs. 4 ounces already and dr. b said there really is not anymore room for her to grow and he is concerned with my i will be having here exactally on her 38 week birthday :) so you would think after being pregnant this long 7 days would not be to much to wait for her arrival but we are all on edge and so anxious for her.

now that it is monday and i have 2 days (or possibly less) of waiting it still feels like time is standing still. i will keep everyone updated when she finally makes her arrival.

Monday, March 14, 2011

...purses & bags...

some girls have a love for shoes, jeans, shirts, or jewelry. and those of you that know me and know me well know that my heart belongs to...


my obsession started long ago, and hasn't eased up since. it probably has actually gotten worse. my basement and bedroom are chuck full of name brand purses everywhere and i can't seem to part with them because they are all new. really though i bet a change purses every couple months.

it drives my husband crazy and he used to get after me about it because i don't have any buyers remorse in paying a lot of money for a good purse, i think he has given up on me.

have you ever seen confessions of a shopaholic?...

when the girl sees the scarf at the store that talks to mom and and i both agreed at the same time that is totally me!


the point to my story is that i feel a good bag is esstenial for EVERY girl so as i have been shopping for a diaper bag for our little princess, there has been no exception to this rule. a couple months ago i found the bag that i was head over heels for but held off because i knew my husband wouldn't go for a $170.00 diaper bag.

so i have been trying to find something more reasonable, and i really have but i am not in love with anything else, this bag had stolen my heart.

so saturday i went & purchased this beauty
this is my baby girls petunia pickle bottom, we will be packin diapers and other things for her in style!
did i also mention i got 20% off
i am so excited to use this when my baby girl is here...we will forever be fans of petunia pickle bottom and i know she will just love it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 valentine...

this year my sweet valentine suprised me with these,
he had my very favorites...tulips delivered to my work!
i was so suprised and it made me cry, and my mom as well. i felt so special.
he is so sweet & thoughtful
i got dustin...
some candy, gum, his favorite pen, and a gift card to wild arrow (this is his new favorite place lately, him and my dad go there once or twice a week to shoot their new bows)
he was pretty happy.
since valentines was on a monday and i don't usually get home from work until 6:30 we decided to just stay in. dustin went & got us some take out from wingers while i took a warm bath, it was lovely.
hope everyone else had a good love day too!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


so this morning i was looking at the pictures on my facebook page, and when i came across this one i got tears in my eyes. its amazing how much this simple picture means to me, how it started a new chapter in our lives, and has made me feel a love that i could never put into words. i will never forget seeing this and running downstairs and yelling telling Dustin "i am pregnant already!" and him saying "no way, this is so awesome." Then calling my mom totally out of breath telling her and my dad that we were going to have a baby! What a wonderful memory that i will cherish forever.
i just loved all the emotions this picture brings so i had to share.
on another note...
this is my dear sweet lab, jax. who by the way is much bigger now, i need to get an updated picture of him now that he weighs 70-75 lbs.
This morning i heard mr. jax in the bath tub in the other bathroom as i was getting ready for work, i ignored it because he for some reason loves to climb in the tub and just sit there. well i really should have checked on him, and i feel like a terrible mother now...when i came out of the bathroom jax was walking around with my razor sticking out of his mouth. i panicked and hurried to get it out of his mouth and hoped in the back of my mind the end with the blades would still be attached. no my extreme disappointment it was gone!
i ran through the whole house looking for the other end praying that he did not swallow the blades and had no luck. his vet didn't open until 8 and it was about 6:30 so i called my mom to tell her i wouldn't be into work until later because i was going to have to take jax to the vet as soon as they opened. she got on google and read that i should feed him bread so he ate 7 rolls this morning. after that i checked for cuts in his mouth...luckily there were none and now i just had to wait for the vet. i decided to pick up the house a bit and as i was moving jax's bed in my room guess what was lying underneath it?...
yes! the other half of my razor, all blades attached so he hadn't swallowed them!
i was so happy, i had been stressed and crying all morning because this whole mess was all my fault. i am most grateful for my brother who is also the best guardian angel i could ask for because i know he had a hand in saving jax and i. we love him so much.
so tonight i am going to stop at sam's club on the way home and get my pups their favorite toy, some raw hide bones, i have been out and can't help but think if jax would have had one to chew he wouldn't have went looking for something else.
and of course jax & i are going to have a little talk so that he doesn't think 7 rolls is a reward for eating the razor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...have you ever seen the most beautiful girl in the world?...

in case you haven't, i will be kind enough to show you what she looks like. Here is our little princess at 22 weeks and 5 days.
she is healthy and the ultrasound tech said everything looks GREAT, which i can never hear enough.
it is crazy to think that this little beauty will be here with us in just 4 short months. i am so excited to meet her. she is already everything to me and words cannot describe how much her daddy and i love her, and her grandparents of course my parents are so excited for her!

she has cam's little button nose, very fitting since he sent her to us and she will be named after him
sucking her thumb just like her mommy, we had a hard time getting a good profile picture
she is so stinking cute
i can't wait until we get to kiss this little face
yep...she is still a girl
flexible little thing, and her cute profile waving to her sure
the tech was shocked at how tone her legs looked, she said she must be working out in there and kicking mommy...she was right :)

we also had amanda's shower this last saturday and it was so much fun, i am so excited for her & tyler's little girl to get here in just a few short weeks. i just know our little girls will be the best of friends and it will be so much fun watching them grow up together.
p.s. is anyone else excited for spring to get here? i am, mostly because that is when our baby will be here but i am sick of the freezing cold and i really am itching to get out in my yard and get it looking nice.

Friday, January 14, 2011


This is what my daughter & I look like 20 weeks pregnant, she is adorable not doubt about it, but me I am not sure about. We did take this pic really early before work so I wasn't quite awake.

February 1st we do our targeted ultrasound so we get to see our beautiful girl in 3D and I can't even wait. Our last appointment was a week ago and she was weighing in at a hefty 3/4 of a pound and doctor said she has a healthy heart and everything looked great! I really hope the second half of my pregnancy flys by I am so excited to meet our princess.
We are so grateful for this blessing in our lives, there truely is no stronger love you can feel than the love you feel for your child and I am still pregnant so I can't even imagine how that love grows when your baby is here. She truely is the greatest gift my brother could have ever sent to us and I feel so blessed to have her. Everyone is so excited for her, and even though she could NEVER replace Cameron in our lives, she will be a tiny piece of him back with us just knowing he sent her. Trust me I know because I am the lucky one of the bunch and Cam showed me our princess MONTHS before I got pregnant to let me know she was ready! Thank you baby brother and...
Happy 16th Birthday on January 12th!
we love & miss you so much.