Monday, December 27, 2010


I am such a blog slacker...

Well Christmas for us came and left and it was a good Christmas. I am so grateful to have been able spend it with my husband & family. But really I am not a huge fan of Christmas, it is to much stress and commercialized I feel like no body really remembers why we celebrate it, all we worry about is what were getting everyone and how much your spending.


Of course it makes me miss my baby brother more than I do on my day to day basis, so it was nice but I won't lie and because I am happy it's over.

but it gets worse...

I have zero yes zero pictures from Christmas this year, we were so busy I totally forgot about my camera, were awful. But really we opened our gifts and all either one of us could talk about is how much more fun next Christmas will be when our little princess is here. She consumes our lives and everyone else's in the family already (she might be a little bit spoiled when she gets here haha).

As far as the pregnancy goes...things are going great!

I am really starting to feel great, my being sick comes and goes now instead of being so constant. But exhaustion is in full swing, I could sleep for days and it wouldn't be enough. And I "think" I am starting to feel our little princess moving around in my belly, I am pretty sure it's her, but it's so hard to tell when your body goes through so many changes to know exactly what it feels like. So I can't wait until she really starts using me as a kicking/punching bag so that Dustin can feel it too. Speaking of Dustin now that I have a baby bump he is constantly rubbing my belly or just touching it and it seriously is the cutest thing ever, he is so excited for his baby girl! I felt so much closer to Dustin when we got married and never thought I could love him more but since the day we found out we were adding to our family it has only brought us closer and our love stronger I honestly couldn't imagine doing this with anyone but him. And it excites me to think our love will continue to grow, as we grow together.

Here are a few pics from our last appointment I will have more next week when we go back...

Thursday, November 11, 2010 blessed...

i am so blessed to have this little angel growing inside of me
we went to the doctor yesterday, and baby is healthy and the perfect size for 11 weeks. i could watch our baby on an ultrasound all day, i love my little peanut so much.
we got to peak between the baby's legs, and the doctor said even though it is still really early he is 90% sure of what we are having.
but i am keeping my mouth shut for a bit...
feel free to comment and take a guess :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...Am I Crazy?...

So last night as I was changing into my pj's I looked in the mirror like I do sometimes, and tried to suck my pooch in and to my suprise...
It wouldn't suck in like it always does!
Now here is my dilemma...
I will admit I had a pooch before I got pregnant, little bit of chunk.
I could always suck it in and I would get to imagine how my body would look it I went on a diet and lost it. I thought maybe I have put on weight and that is why it wants to poke out but that isn't it, I think I weigh less now because I have been so sick and don't eat much.
I am either bloated
Showing at 9 weeks
I did some research and many women say they started showing as early as 8 weeks with their first and 5 with their second! They say it is possible it just all depends on your body and where you are carrying the baby.
Apparently if you show early you are carrying it up front, and will get really big.
Lucky Me
So has anyone else experienced this, am I bloating or showing?

Friday, October 15, 2010

...I Have Been...

So horrible and keeping this thing updated...
but I have had a tiny excuse
Us Hammon's are expecting!

I took one of these
Then took two more to be sure
Then took another just to be sure

So my excuse is my...Morning, Noon, and Evening Sickness.

But it has all been worth it, and will continue to be worth it.
I haven't felt much like blogging since I found out because it is the most exciting thing for us right now and I couldn't share it, acutally I was going to wait until I was further along to spill the beans but it was killing me!
being sick all the time can wear a girl out (and my husband I am sure) bless his little heart.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got to see our little peanut and got to hear the little peanut's heart beat...It is a feeling only a mother can relate too. It got me emotional and my mother of course, it's amazing how you can instantly love something so much so quickly! This little baby is so very special to us... My baby brother has been keeping the peanut safe for us until it was time for us to have it. It is very special to me in so many different ways. I am so thankful and so blessed that Heavenly Father has given me this opportunity and is trusting me to take care of this little angel.


I am due June 1, 2011 and I am currently 7 weeks and 1day along.

Life is good!

Friday, September 24, 2010

...i can't wait...

for this day to be over
i want to start celebrating our 1 year anniversary weekend asap!
tomorrow we are going to dinner, hopefully maddox then we are headed off to a pretty drive to logan to stay at the anniversary inn. i hope my husband doesn't forget i am there since i am the sweetest girl alive and booked him a room with a putting green. so i am going to bring my book just in case i need a nice bath while i wait.
our acutal anniversary is
september 26th
so we will be spending it on our couch in jammies watching football in our cozy home with our babies. can you think of anything better...
life is perfect, i am a happy girl!
everyone have a great weekend, hopefully i will have some fun pics to post monday.
until then here are a few from our wedding, i always post the posed pics not the awesome action shots. i had the best photographers.

getting ready to say i do
mr. & mrs. hammon
signing the marriage license
now dustin's turn
cake time, he was sweet and didn't smash it in my face, of course i wasn't so nice. (btw our cake was DELICIOUS i wish i would have gotten the number for the lady who made it.
our first dance ever
leaving our reception
by our awsome limo
inside the limo

and so they lived happily ever after...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

...mrs. hammon...

just in case you forgot, in just 10 short days. i will be able to say that i have been

mrs. hammon
for an entire year.

i can't believe it has been a whole year, it seems like our wedding was just yesterday. i love mr. hammon so much!

Monday, September 13, 2010 sad day...

so friday night i was a mess and couldn't stop thinking about how horrible the next day would be for me and my family. in case you never read my depressing and sad blog posts (sorry i don't mean to be a debbie downer but i can't get around it for what my family and i are going through)

we lost my dear sweet brother on september 11, 2008

and it has shaken my family to the core. i used to think his birthday would be the hardest day but let me just tell you on top of the everyday sadness the anniversary date is the worst by far. there is nothing to celebrate that day other than remembering the horrible things that happened that day.

warning this may get graphic and detailed but i want it to be "raw" so to speak because one thing my family has taken from this is our views on life and how people say all the time to cherish every minute that you have with loved ones, and that family should always come first, but as awful as it is i don't think that anyone can quite grasp this concept until someone is taken from you but i know my brother would want us to share his story so that everyone can learn from it, not just us.

my brother went to the doctor after being sick on August 24th 2008. they thought he had a serious case of pnemoniua but we would spend the next 2 1/2 weeks at Primary Childrens going through a "living hell" that i wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. such a sad place to be seeing your loved one suffer and also so many sick kids.

cam was diagnosed with microscopic polyangitis, a vasculitis auto immune disease. this was beyond rare, auto immune diseases usually affect woman and is even more rare in children. with this disease cam's body would attack itself instead of fighting off sickness, in his case it would cause his blood vessels to swell and seep blood. this caused his lungs to fill with blood to the point where he could not breathe on his own and was put on life support.

i will never forget the day that cam came out of his induced coma a bit to be able to communicate to us before he passed, he had a tube in his mouth so he couldnt talk but we could ask him questions and he would respond by raising an eye brow once or twice, although he kept trying to talk and i would give anything to know what he was trying to tell us (i have my assumptions as to what that is).

the night we lost cam is seared into my brain forever, i have nightmares about it. watching someone you love and someone you grew up protecting die right before you is beyond traumatizing. i will never forget falling and hitting my head and screaming and throwing my shoes down the hall or having to call dustin to tell him the news. it is so bad i can't even drive up 4th south in salt lake or i feel like i will throw up. i will never get used to him not being here in person but i find peace knowing he is with me and i have my very own guardian angel.

so on this day for the rest of my life i will cry and be and emotional wreck. but i am so grateful to have my husband there for me and my parents, i seriously do not know what i would do without them. they mean everything in the world to me. this all has given me a new appreciation for the gospel and the church, if it weren't for faith in knowing we are an enternal family and will be together again some day i wouldn't be able to get out of bed each day. and knowing how blessed we are that heavenly father trusted our family with such a sweet and special spirit that he did all he came here to do in 13 short years, and heavenly father had bigger and better plans that he needed cam for back home.

we took cam flowers as a family and then went to eat cam's favorite food that night...steak of course. it was nice being with the people i love and remembering cam.

i have always been extremely close to my family, which is something i cherish everyday especially not having any regrets with cam's passing. there are no should have or could have's because we did everything together! i know my friends get frustrated with me because dustin and i don't come around or go out as much as we used too, but it's because i always want to be with him and my parents, i have severe anxiety that it might be my last opportunity and i don't want to miss a single minute. but i hope you all know that i do still love ya, but please be patient
with me until i can semi function on a normal level. (:

sorry for the sad sad post, but it did have a purpose. it is my hope that after reading our story you will all cherish every minute with your loved ones and as awful as it sounds really consider your life without them here. don't sweat the small stuff it is small for a reason. money and materialistic things are not anything to get upset over, i really could live in my 18 foot trailer with my husband, parents, and our 6 dogs and be as happy as ever. you don't bring anything here and you really can't take anything back so live life to the fullest and have fun!

thanks for reading our blog!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

...Happy Happy Birthday...

On this day, 24 years ago...
Dustin Daniel Hammon
Graced the world with his presence.
I am so glad he did. I really couldn't have found a better match for myself and to think that our lives are pre-ordained and he is my soul mate makes looking at these pictures so crazy to me. Heavenly Father knew that this tiny little baby would be the love of my life, my best friend and my rock.
Here are some pics of my sweet husband as he has grown up...

Precious baby boy
Stunna shades
Cutest little football player
Stud in his high school days
my sexy cowboy... he hates this pic
such a handsome man
and now my husband

Happy Birthday to my best friend and the love of my life!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



What a busy and fun weekend we had. We started it off right on Friday by going to the Syracuse Titan's football game, which they won and totally kicked butt. Then Saturday it was more football with my cute cousin Hadyn's game and they won too! Then my dad helps couch the little 8 year old team with a friend and they won! We also headed out to Uinta Golf to birthday shop for Dustin, man he was like me in Buckle in that store. It made me so happy to see how excited he was there so I being the gift lover I am talked him into getting a new putter which cost us $250.00 and a new wedge that was $130.00 not to mention my mom got him a rescue club that was $100.00 and I have already spent $100.00 on Gator Gear for him, so needless to say he made out pretty well for his birthday and anniversary gift (which is in just a few short weeks, I can't believe it has been a year and I can't wait for a little get away).

Sunday my Mom and I canned all day...Seriously from 8 to 10 and we didn't stop all day. It was exhausting but we made tons of yummy salsa and tomatos.

Then yesterday my Mom and I Cricuted for a few hours and I made the Cutest card and birthday decorations for Dustin and Hadyn. And then we went to Tepanyaki with my in-laws and parents for Dustin's birthday dinner.

Today...Is my cousin Hadyn's Birthday. Happy Birthday Hadyn, I can't wait to give you your gift later!


Tomorrow...Is my Sweet Husband's Birthday. I can't wait to decorate and give him more gifts.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I was going to do a new post on here, but I just spent FOREVER trying to figure out how to change my title font to something cute like everyone has and it didn't work...TWICE so I am mad and done for the day so maybe tomorrow. As for all you cute font people, want to come over and do mine?

Monday, August 9, 2010


So Saturday we got to celebrate Natalie's last girls night out as an un-married woman! We had so much fun, we started off going to dinner then back to Christine's for some drinks and a games (GO TEAM 2! We did win BTW) after that we headed to the Outlaw for more drinks and dancing. After we were done at the bar some of the girls decided that it would be funny to head over to Club Wet where some of the boys were...well we went and it was my first experience at a strip club and I can say I wasn't impressed and won't be going back any time soon haha. The best part of this story is all of the boys went to dinner and were going to the strip club after, well my sweet husband knows that I am not to hip on the idea of him going so he just go's to dinner and catches crap from the boys about not going to the strip club (he has done this for the 2nd bachelor party now) well my hubby was going to pick me up when I was ready to come home and he was expecting to pick me up at Shi's so when I told him he I was ready to leave and I had to tell him that I was at Club Wet (the exact place I told him he couldn't go) it was pretty funny and he loved giving me crap about it!

Don't mind my sweaty hair haha we danced all night, and my wanted sticker on my boob. Hey it was a bachlorette party we do crazy things and have a great time! CONGRATS Nat & Kody I love you guys and can't wait for you guys to get married. I love our group of friends!

Friday, July 16, 2010


This is what is on my mind...kinda sad but the words describe how I feel so well it's comforting.

Who You'd Be Today-Kenny Chesney

Sunny days seem to hurt the most

I wear the pain like a heavy coat

I feel you everywhere I go

I see your smile, I see your face

I hear you laughin' in the rain

I still can't believe you're gone

It ain't fair: you died too young

Like the story that had just begun

But death tore the pages all away

God knows how I miss you

All the hell that I've been through

Just knowin' no-one could take your place

And sometimes I wonder

Who you'd be today?

Would you see the world? Would you chase your dreams?

Settle down with a family

I wonder what would you name your babies?

Some days the sky's so blue

I feel like I can talk to you

And I know it might sound crazy

It ain't fair: you died too young

Like the story that had just begun

But death tore the pages all away

God knows how I miss you

All the hell that I've been through

Just knowin' no-one could take your place

And sometimes I wonder

Who you'd be today







Sunny days seem to hurt the most

I wear the pain like a heavy coat

The only thing that gives me hope

Is I know I'll see you again some day

Some Day...

Some Day...

Some Day...

I love you baby brother, forever and always!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I seriously can't believe how fast the summer is FLYING by...June has come and gone and I didn't even have a single post! We are back home for our wonderful vacation...well been back for a month but I am a little behind...ok alot behind haha. We had an amazing time together, it was so nice spending an entire week with my husband without any interuptions in our way just relaxing and FUN. I cannot wait until be go again in 2 years (his family does a big vaca every other year) I think our top 3 destinations for next time are Costa Rica, St. Lucia, or Aruba. I am so glad I decided to go, as most of you know I was terrifed to begin with and to top it off we were flying out Friday and on Monday the riots and craziness in Jamaica was ALL over the news and I was seriously considering staying home, but I decided to go and I am so glad I did. The resort made us feel very safe and we didn't even have to think about what was going on, on the other side of the island. Here are just a handful of pictures, we took a TON so you will have to get on my facebook page to check the rest out....
And last but most definetly not least!...
Meet our new baby JAX.
This is the newest member of our family, our yellow lab Jax. Yes now I know I am crazy for having 3 dogs but I couldn't help myself. I grew up having nothing but labs and they seriously are the BEST dogs ever, I love my weenie and beagle but the lab breed is by far my fav. So here is Jax's story...
So I decided I wanted a lab so I started searching KSL well I found Mr. Jax's litter and fell in love instantly, his dad is beautiful and the "ideal" looking lab to me so I had to have a pup. I called the owners and she told me they wouldn't be ready until we got from our trip (which was perfect) and that they only had one yellow male so if I wanted him I better come put a deposit down. Dustin said no more than a million times so I let it go...Until my mom and I went to sportsmans before Father's Day to get some gifts and guess who was there! Yes you guessed it...Jax's litter was there and it was fate. I bought him and surprised Dustin with him (:

Leaving Atlanta headed to Jamaica, don't judge us we left at midnight and had just flown 4 hours!

Flying into Jamaica

On the bus ride headed to the resort
We found this amusing...dial 119 for police (:

The house that looked like a boat

We could throw a rock in the Ocean from our room, and had steps to walk right out there

My very FIRST time in the ocean
We had an AWESOME view
View off from our room
Beautiful Lion Fish, but they can kill ya!
Names in the sand
Names in the sand
Our MOST favorite person in Jamaica, one of our waiters Romano, he was awesome! He made Dust do this, it doesn't look very nice I know.
We loved all beautiful flowers and plants there

Our first kiss in the rain

P.S. Thanks Denise you are a LIFE SAVER!

Monday, July 12, 2010


So I just spent FOREVER updating this and I accidently updated my brothers blog with our stuff! I am so mad and busy so I can't redo it right now. So go to my blog and click on my brother's link under our friends and view it there and then come back and comment on this post haha!
If anyone knows how I can copy and paste it to my blog HELP PLEASE!
Thank you,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I know I am a COMPLETE slacker and so behind on my blog, I really don't think that I have ever gone this long. I figured I better get this thing updated because we leave for Jamaica in a week and 2 days so that will put me behind. We haven't been up to much lately just SUPER busy I have a new job at my work so now I am trying to do the new position and my old one as well until they hire someone else so it has been crazy busy and Dust is hating it because I leave at 6 every morning and usually I am not home until 6:30ish at night :( Here are some pics of what us Hammon's have been up to the last few weeks.

We went to the zoo a couple weekends ago and it was so much fun, I love the zoo!

I told Gaige to stick his head in the lions mouth so I can get his picture, because who doesn't have a picture with their head in the lions mouth at the zoo he looked at me like I was crazy and was leary, see his eyes haha!

Then the day after the zoo was my birthday, I woke up to flowers, a balloon, candy, movies, and a precious moment from my sweet hubby that said "I've got extra extra love for you". We relaxed all morning then I got ready only to cry and wash all my make up off so excuse my swollen eyes, birthdays just are not the same without my baby brother here so Dust took me to Wal-Mart to get fresh flowers so we could take them to his grave. Then we headed off to my parents house for a BBQ for my birthday and mothers day it was great she even made my FAV rainbow chip birthday cake! I love my family so much and I am so thankful to have them all!

I realized that I have never really posted pics of my brothers headstone so here it is, it is GORGEOUS and turned out so perfect we couldn't be happier.

And be sure to stay tuned for more pictures of this....

This is mine and Rosko's new bike, complete with a riding basket for my baby boy. We are going to have LOTS of fun adventures.