Monday, November 23, 2009

TeAm JaCoB...

So we went and saw New Moon on Friday and yes when I say WE I mean Dustin & I. I drug him to the movie along with my Mom and Dad, I loved it I can't wait to see it again! And even though my Mom loves to rub it in my face I have switched teams...I am in love with Jacob he is so SEXY and he is so SWEET ugh I just fell in love with him :) Honestly how can you not, girls if you are still in love with Edward after seeing Jacob I think you need to have your head checked!


Sorry Rob your just not doing it for me either...

Oh and P.S. I am really starting to dislike Bella who is she to play these two against each other like she is some prize! Not to mention she totally led Jacob along and used him as her fill in for someone who left her, I need to get a Team Bella Sucks shirt!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I love Halloween it is by far my FAV! So I still shocked at myself for not dressing up this year, I had planned on it of course but Cam's old football team made it to the mini bowl and they were playing on Halloween night. I could't get not going to support them off my mind all morning and I just felt I really needed to be there, so last minute we decided to go support the boys so that meant no costume because I was not about to freeze in it at the game since we were headed to a party right after. But I am glad we went to the football game even though it was a BUMMER the boys lost :( and there is always next year for my costume, and that gives me a WHOLE year to lose some weight to look better in it (ready to drag my out of shape butt running Paige :) ha ha! But I did dress my babies up so here are a few pics of them, and some recent pics. Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween! Our family on Halloween My Cute Bumble Bee
My Cute Pumpkin
All my Babies :)
Coop & Mylee these two are bes frens it is so cute to watch them!