Friday, May 29, 2009

mEmOrIaL dAy...

so this memorial day for me was very different from what i am used is no longer about where we are going to go to get away for the weekend or where to have the bbq, it was all about missing my brother and really actually dreading the day! it is so weird how i miss every second of my life but certain dates and holidays kill me...i shouldnt have to visit my brother @ the cemetery for memorial day, we should be camping or fishing like old times. but i am sure everyone feels the same way i do about their loved ones who have passed on...but losing someone so close to you @ so a young age is the hardest thing i have ever experienced. i just want to say what a special person my brother was...and still is! he was so sweet and would do anything for anyone, he could always make you laugh & put a smile on your face...i will never forget the funny times we shared...we both love to tease. cameron has touched so many lives and i hope that he knows that, i know my life has changed so much he has made me a better person and i am forver grateful for that. RIP sweetheart we love and miss you more than ever imaginable...and cant wait for the day we are together again. families are forever!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MoThErS dAy & mY bIrThDaY

so it was a super busy weekend for us. friday night boe and christine came over to see our new house, it was nice we just had a few drinks and talked for a few hours. then saturday was my birthday yay! i went shopping with my mommy to get mothers day gifts and to get my present from dust...poor kid i feel bad he has to shop for me i have everything i could ever need or want for that matter, but i was in need of a new purse so he let me go pick one out along with a new necklace thanks babe! then we had our friends bbq and left straight from there to the movie...which didnt work out so great none started for an hour so we opted to hit the red box and watch a movie at home, we watched the curious case of benjamin button it was pretty good. sunday, mothers day we met dustins family at the park to celebrate with everyone, and then had my parents & his over to our house that night for a bbq. we are so lucky to have such wonderful moms in our lives they are the best! i seriously dont know what i would do without my mom she does so much for me and is there whenever i need her to be! we love you guys!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

hAppY bIrThDaY tO mE :)

so tomorrow is my 22nd birthday i love birthdays so i am very excited! normally i get so excited for my birthday just like a little kid...probably cause growing up my mom always made your birthday your special day, but this year i have been so pre-occupied that i have not even givin it much thought. i know tomorrow we are going to a bbq for a family friend that just passed the bar and is graduating from law school congrats matt! but other than that we have no plans for the big day LOL so we will just have to see what dust comes up with for me :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

iTs oFFiCiaL

yep thats right we are officially roomates now :) it was a super busy weekend for us we moved into our home friday after work and it was a lot of work but so worth it. i have so much stuff it is unreal...dusty pulled up and had everything he owned loaded in a truck (1 load is all) me i had an entire army have to make 2 trips! on saturday i went out with my mom and bought us a nice new tv and our groceries i cant believe how much food costs to get a home started when you have to buy everything it made me a little sick buying a new tv and then buying all that took me all day long so i was happy to get home to dust and i just have to say how cute he is i got home and he had changed our locks, toilet seats, and a bunch of other odds and ends. he helps me out so much without even being asked it is so nice! i havent gotten a chance to get started on putting my decorations up so my house is still looking pretty plain so as soon as i get those up i will post some pictures. i do just have to say that i am so grateful to have such wonderful parents & family they helped me so much and i appreciate it so so much! i am also so thankful to have dusty in my life he is such a help around the house i appreciate and love him more than i could ever explain...this whole living together thing has been so fun!