Monday, March 14, 2011

...purses & bags...

some girls have a love for shoes, jeans, shirts, or jewelry. and those of you that know me and know me well know that my heart belongs to...


my obsession started long ago, and hasn't eased up since. it probably has actually gotten worse. my basement and bedroom are chuck full of name brand purses everywhere and i can't seem to part with them because they are all new. really though i bet a change purses every couple months.

it drives my husband crazy and he used to get after me about it because i don't have any buyers remorse in paying a lot of money for a good purse, i think he has given up on me.

have you ever seen confessions of a shopaholic?...

when the girl sees the scarf at the store that talks to mom and and i both agreed at the same time that is totally me!


the point to my story is that i feel a good bag is esstenial for EVERY girl so as i have been shopping for a diaper bag for our little princess, there has been no exception to this rule. a couple months ago i found the bag that i was head over heels for but held off because i knew my husband wouldn't go for a $170.00 diaper bag.

so i have been trying to find something more reasonable, and i really have but i am not in love with anything else, this bag had stolen my heart.

so saturday i went & purchased this beauty
this is my baby girls petunia pickle bottom, we will be packin diapers and other things for her in style!
did i also mention i got 20% off
i am so excited to use this when my baby girl is here...we will forever be fans of petunia pickle bottom and i know she will just love it!