Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok so here are the pictures of our little stud! He was all decked out in his shirt and collar for the big Florida Gators game. Like I said before Dust is a HUGE Gators fan and has been since he was little so when me and my mom decided to get him a Gators hoodie for Christmas... Rosko had to match him...just me being me. ;) These are just some pictures I took of him while he watched the game with me, he is so stinking cute...he is seriously such a good dog and has a great personality! We love him!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

iT hAs BeeN aWhiLe...

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged but I got a new camera and I have misplaced my cable to put my pictures on my blog :( I have so many cute pictures to post! There are some of Rosko in his Florida Gators gear for the big championship game...which they won YAY! Me and Rosko are becoming Gators fans because that has been Dusty's favorite team since he was little, so since he was getting a new Gators hoodie for Christmas Rosko had to match him so I got him a Gators collar and T-shirt! I also have cute pictures of my brothers grave that we decorated for his turned out very cute! I will try and find that cable tonight so I can get them on there. Some new exciting news... I have a new position at work which means a raise so that was nice especially when we are going to look at getting a house here shortly! I can't wait to get to wake up to my love everyday...I am such a baby though it will be an adjustment for sure being away from my parents because we are so so close! As far as the whole engagement is so PERFECT I love being able to tell people that Dust is my fiance and talk about getting married, and I LOVE my ring it is beyond beautiful! But there is still no date...yes we are slackers and need to get on that but we are in no rush and are really concentrating on this whole house thing, I do know one thing I want a fall wedding so maybe this year! :)