Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...4 months...

Paislee celebrated her 4 month birthday on Sunday, September 18, 2011. She is just the cutest thing ever and is getting soooo big! Her are some pictures of our 4 month photo shoot.

My favorite
Looking at Daddy instead of the camera

Now looking at her mobile instead of the camera

Grabbing her 4 month sign

She decided to lay on her bear instead of sit by it

and Paislee letting me know she is done with her photo shoot

Here are Miss Paislee's updates at 4 months

*Weighs 14.8 pounds

*24 1/2" long

*Started eating baby food this month! Her first ever veggie was squash and now she has had some green beans and mashed potatoes, which she loves! This kid is an eater.

*Said her first word...MA, yes I am not crazy. 3 others witnessed when she gets upset and wants me she looks at me and says Ma. Melts my heart everytime.

*Got a bouncer and walker and even though she can't touch the ground she LOVES playing in them.

*She figured out how to splash in the tub and splashes me and just giggles

*Loves her feet, one of her favorite things to do is lay on her back so she can eat her feet

*Grabbing and pulling on everything (hair, the dogs ears, grandpas beard) and then as soon as she has it she wants it in her mouth

*Loves to be naked

*Giggles when we tickle those chunky thighs or arms

*Still super nosey and a ham

*Discovered that she now no longer likes her car seat and gets mad everytime we put her in it

*Loves being outside no matter what we are doing, but especially loves watching football

Paislee just has the cutest personality and is so fun, she makes so many people lives happy with her sweet smile!

Love you little Miss Paislee Cam

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The Jones said...

I am laughing at Paislee's pictures...she is so dang cute! She is such a lucky girl to have you and Dustin as parents...
And all the fun stuff she is doing, don't you just love everything she does?? It is awesome, and thanks for sharing! Love you girls!