Wednesday, June 8, 2011

...Paislee's Birth Story...

paislee cam hammon
wednesday...may 18, 2011
6:56 am
7 pounds 10 ounces
20 1/2 inches

it all started on tuesday... may 17, 2011 my mom and i went to my doctors appointment with doctor bierer, we were so anxious because he had told us that if she wasn't here by tuesday he would start me the following day so when he came in and told me that the hospital was booked for wednesday and i could either get started that night or wait until thursday, i don't think that he finished his sentence before i was saying oh i will go tonight for sure :)! he said ok be to the hospital by 6 it was 4:30 so we had to hurry. i called dustin and he was still at work so i told him you better get your butt home now because we have to be to the hospital by 6 because were having a baby tonight. i was so excited we hurried back to my moms so we could get my car and then headed to my house to get dustin and our packed bag (which was ready to go already).

we got to the hospital and i told my mom and dustin it feels so good going in here knowing they can't send me home lol (i had been in the hospital twice to stop my labor at this point) i will never forget my mom and dustin asking me over and over "are you nervous yet?" and everytime the answer was "no" i don't know why but i really wasn't, just so anxious to have my baby girl. when we got into my room i got changed and the nurse came into check me and i had went from a 3 to 4 just since we left the doctors office so she called him right then to come break my water, we were all thinking oh wow this might go by pretty quick (even the nurse) she was determined to deliver our baby because she ended up knowing dustin's and my parents both...small world. my doctor got there and broke my water and almost immediatley my contractions started coming quicker and a lot harder, what a weird feeling too...everytime i moved an inch water came out and felt like i was peeing my pants and ya just lay there. the nurse came back checked again and i was at a 5 so she was like we better have ya go to the bathroom so you are ready so i did...and when i got back into to bed i decided i was so ready for my epidural (i don't know how anyone gives birth naturally, i acutally facebooked right after that i could kiss whoever invented the epidural) i hate needles so i was a little nervous but when i was sitting there with my mom and aunt rox they kept telling me it really is not that bad (dustin HATES needles so he made sure my mom could be there with me cause he couldn't lol) i was hunched over and holding my mom and roxanne's hand when he started and i had a contraction while he was doing my epidural so all i remember is the contraction pain, i really didn't think the epidural hurt at all.

so now we all just waited...dustin, my parents, rox, dustin's parents and his brother, and of course my brother was there with us too. i kept progressing quickly and was at a 9 by 1:00 am but thats when it all slowed i was dialated to a 10 on one side but had a small "lip" on the other so we had to wait to push...i stayed that way for 4 long hours they even had to come and numb me some more. my poor nurse had shift change and she was unable to deliver paislee i was sad but i LOVED the next nurse she came in at 5:30ish and checked me, i was starting to feel pressure at this point as well and she said i think your a 10 and ready to push, i could have kissed her! so we started and i pushed for about and hour and a half before our little princess made her appearance at 6:56 am. i will never forget that moment, seeing her for the first time changed my life forever and i have never loved someone more in my life instantly. i never thought that i could love her more than i did when i found out i was pregnant but my heart grew when i seen her beautiful face. being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me i love my little paislee and dustin with everything that i am and it's amazing to me how instantly, we could never imagine life without her.

i will admit i miss this whole experience already, i am so glad that paislee is here but all the excitement and emotions that day were so fun and have given me memories that i will cherish forever. and i am so grateful to my brother for blessing us with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. she will love her name and i can't wait to tell her all about how special she is and who she is named after, she will be honored i am sure.

mommy and daddy love you little miss paislee cam hammon