Friday, January 14, 2011


This is what my daughter & I look like 20 weeks pregnant, she is adorable not doubt about it, but me I am not sure about. We did take this pic really early before work so I wasn't quite awake.

February 1st we do our targeted ultrasound so we get to see our beautiful girl in 3D and I can't even wait. Our last appointment was a week ago and she was weighing in at a hefty 3/4 of a pound and doctor said she has a healthy heart and everything looked great! I really hope the second half of my pregnancy flys by I am so excited to meet our princess.
We are so grateful for this blessing in our lives, there truely is no stronger love you can feel than the love you feel for your child and I am still pregnant so I can't even imagine how that love grows when your baby is here. She truely is the greatest gift my brother could have ever sent to us and I feel so blessed to have her. Everyone is so excited for her, and even though she could NEVER replace Cameron in our lives, she will be a tiny piece of him back with us just knowing he sent her. Trust me I know because I am the lucky one of the bunch and Cam showed me our princess MONTHS before I got pregnant to let me know she was ready! Thank you baby brother and...
Happy 16th Birthday on January 12th!
we love & miss you so much.