Thursday, October 22, 2009


So last night my parents got another beagle...we named him Cooper Edward :) He is so stinkin cute and we already love this little guy so much. He came home last night and was running around playing all night long, except Mylee didn't really know what to think of him at first and I think he was starting to annoy her, so I guess now she knows how her brother feels when she bugs him. My family is on this beagle kick, we now have three between us. It all started when my parents got Zoey for Cam and we have all fallen in love with the breed, if any of you have ever had one you know they are a lot of work but so so worth it! I love dogs SO much I feel bad for people that didn't grow up with one or don't have one in their home now, I don't think a home is complete without one. "Who ever said money can't buy happiness has never owned a puppy"!

The one who started it all...our niece Zoey June!

Our baby boy...Rosko Burke!

Our baby girl...Mylee Rae or Sis!

Friday, October 9, 2009

...SePtEmBeR 26, 2009...

Ok so now that life is semi back to normal I can finally post some of my pics from the wedding. Our wedding day was EVERYTHING I dreamed of and much much more, it turned out to be so beautiful and it sure made all me & my moms hard work so worth it. Everyone kept asking if I was nervous to marry Dust and I never got nervous at all (no joke) I think it is because I have never been so sure of something in my life. I was a little nervous that I was going to lose it without my brother there in person but I know he was there and with me the entire time or I would not have made it through the day holding it together as well as I did. They day went by so fast like everyone said it would and I can actually say I am sad it is over so I am glad I have awesome pictures to remember it. I love Dustin with everything that I am and I love being married, even as close as we are being married has changed our relationship I feel like we are closer than ever and it just makes me smile to call him husband and call myself his wife. I love you babe and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you, and enjoy life's adventures with you! Everyone wore these angel pins in memory of my baby brother. (Great idea Mommy!)
Husband & Wife FINALLY!
Mom gettin me ready, I love this pic!
Me & my Daddy so presh!
LOVED my cake
Ring shot
My favorite thing to do...Kiss him!
Dust wanted to be all sweet about this feeding each other thing he was saying no don't smash it in my face, what did I do....Yep SMASHED it in his face!
This is my brothers Bronco so we took some pics by it and I love them!
Another Bronco shot with my beautiful bouquet

Great pic of the boys :)My lovely ladies, and can you believe my maid of honor on my right (Karlie) had my nephew only a week ago when this pic was taken.Nat, Me, and Stine. Such a cute picture