Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paislee's Weekly Pictures

So I have seen a few different people do this and knew instantly that I wanted to do it for my babies one day. I have been taking a picture of Paislee next to her bear that she (well mostly my Mom, Me, Gaige, and my Grandma) built at Build-A-Bear once a week so we can see how much she grows being next to it. I am a bit behind in posting so you get a catch up post here. This week (8 weeks) will be the last weekly picture then we will be moving onto monthly pics. It's so fun to watch her grow, it's bitter sweet for me I love seeing her grow and develop and I LOVE her little personality but it makes me sad because I wish I could keep her little and be my little snuggle bug FOREVER...


4 weeks

5 weeks

she looks like she is thinking "really mom?"

6 weeks...now this was my favorite becauase she found her personality this week and was all giggles during our shoot

I was telling her she is the prettiest girl in the world and she would just smile

even though she is falling over I am so in LOVE with this picture

7 weeks smiling again but not at me she loves her mobile in her crib

sweet girl

Also today is Paislee's 8 week birthday! It also marks the best 8 weeks of my life!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am so behind on blog updates it's sad but I promise starting tomorrow I am going to be better. Life is just to busy and fun with a baby to worry about a blog, I just want to spend all day and night loving and kissing our baby girl. I know this post is boring but prepared for a major picture overload soon!

Until then I will leave you with this...

Our little cutie on her first 4th of July!