Monday, August 8, 2011


Is about to get a whole lot better!

Friday I got an itch to get a new camera. Well I had been wanting a new one for awhile but decided we needed a video camera more with a little one at home. I was supposed to get one for my birthday but we got busy, I was 37 weeks pregnant and miserable so I never felt like going to pick something out, then a week later we became parents and had our little princess so that has kept us busy since then.


Friday I couldn't take it any longer, I gave my husband a little guilt trip about needing my birthday present this year and pleaded my case. To my surprise (well actually it wasn't a surprise, my husband pretty much lets me get just about everything I ask for) he said yes and I started researching and asking around and finally ended up settling on this beauty.

A Canon Rebel T3

It even came with an extra lense, it also will shoot video in HD so I got two new toys in one. I played with it a little this weekend and have already fallen in love it is so fast and takes awesome pictures. I will put some on here soon, mostly pictures of our baby girl of course.

Now that I mentioned my husband letting me get new things, I might as well share this as well. I got a new car...a Ford Escape (See Below)

Mine isn't black it's a dark grey but it is perfect and I am so in love. It has a sunroof, keyless entry, good cup holders, awesome AC and the new Microsoft Sync system so I can answer my phone with just a simple button on my steering wheel and control my ipod on my steering wheel as well, all the must haves in a vehicle as far as I am concerned. I will admit as much as I love our new car it was hard to get rid of my Mazda 6 I have LOVED that car and would not hesitate purchasing a new one...but Paislee's stroller took up the entire trunk and her carseat pretty much took up the entire back seat so I needed a little more room for us but needed something that wasn't a gas hog since I work in Salt Lake, so this works out PERFECT.

On a small side note, my parents ended up buying my Mazda

so I still get to see her so our split hasn't been to bad :)

But that is all my new stuff for now, I am still working on my husband for new carpet in the house, I can't wait to do a post on that someday!


Brian, Alisha, Jayce, and Halli said...

How fun! What a nice camera... I absolutely love my SLR, they are the best! Getting new things always makes life wonderful doesn't it? :) I'm excited for pictures of Paislee!

Cody and Paige said...

Love your new camera AND car!! Lucky girl :) how fun! Can't wait to see more pics of your cute little Paislee!

Liz said...

Girrrrrrl you are LUCKY!! I want a new car!! Lol. I guess I will have to wait until we have babies, then I can talk him into it :) Congrats on that and the new camera! Both sound suuuuper nice!!

Giles Fam! said...

So fun !!! You got totally spoiled!!

brady and kenzie said...

I am totally jealous of the new camera! I think that is gonna be a must have when the babe comes!! Can't wait for more pics!