Wednesday, February 16, 2011 valentine...

this year my sweet valentine suprised me with these,
he had my very favorites...tulips delivered to my work!
i was so suprised and it made me cry, and my mom as well. i felt so special.
he is so sweet & thoughtful
i got dustin...
some candy, gum, his favorite pen, and a gift card to wild arrow (this is his new favorite place lately, him and my dad go there once or twice a week to shoot their new bows)
he was pretty happy.
since valentines was on a monday and i don't usually get home from work until 6:30 we decided to just stay in. dustin went & got us some take out from wingers while i took a warm bath, it was lovely.
hope everyone else had a good love day too!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


so this morning i was looking at the pictures on my facebook page, and when i came across this one i got tears in my eyes. its amazing how much this simple picture means to me, how it started a new chapter in our lives, and has made me feel a love that i could never put into words. i will never forget seeing this and running downstairs and yelling telling Dustin "i am pregnant already!" and him saying "no way, this is so awesome." Then calling my mom totally out of breath telling her and my dad that we were going to have a baby! What a wonderful memory that i will cherish forever.
i just loved all the emotions this picture brings so i had to share.
on another note...
this is my dear sweet lab, jax. who by the way is much bigger now, i need to get an updated picture of him now that he weighs 70-75 lbs.
This morning i heard mr. jax in the bath tub in the other bathroom as i was getting ready for work, i ignored it because he for some reason loves to climb in the tub and just sit there. well i really should have checked on him, and i feel like a terrible mother now...when i came out of the bathroom jax was walking around with my razor sticking out of his mouth. i panicked and hurried to get it out of his mouth and hoped in the back of my mind the end with the blades would still be attached. no my extreme disappointment it was gone!
i ran through the whole house looking for the other end praying that he did not swallow the blades and had no luck. his vet didn't open until 8 and it was about 6:30 so i called my mom to tell her i wouldn't be into work until later because i was going to have to take jax to the vet as soon as they opened. she got on google and read that i should feed him bread so he ate 7 rolls this morning. after that i checked for cuts in his mouth...luckily there were none and now i just had to wait for the vet. i decided to pick up the house a bit and as i was moving jax's bed in my room guess what was lying underneath it?...
yes! the other half of my razor, all blades attached so he hadn't swallowed them!
i was so happy, i had been stressed and crying all morning because this whole mess was all my fault. i am most grateful for my brother who is also the best guardian angel i could ask for because i know he had a hand in saving jax and i. we love him so much.
so tonight i am going to stop at sam's club on the way home and get my pups their favorite toy, some raw hide bones, i have been out and can't help but think if jax would have had one to chew he wouldn't have went looking for something else.
and of course jax & i are going to have a little talk so that he doesn't think 7 rolls is a reward for eating the razor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...have you ever seen the most beautiful girl in the world?...

in case you haven't, i will be kind enough to show you what she looks like. Here is our little princess at 22 weeks and 5 days.
she is healthy and the ultrasound tech said everything looks GREAT, which i can never hear enough.
it is crazy to think that this little beauty will be here with us in just 4 short months. i am so excited to meet her. she is already everything to me and words cannot describe how much her daddy and i love her, and her grandparents of course my parents are so excited for her!

she has cam's little button nose, very fitting since he sent her to us and she will be named after him
sucking her thumb just like her mommy, we had a hard time getting a good profile picture
she is so stinking cute
i can't wait until we get to kiss this little face
yep...she is still a girl
flexible little thing, and her cute profile waving to her sure
the tech was shocked at how tone her legs looked, she said she must be working out in there and kicking mommy...she was right :)

we also had amanda's shower this last saturday and it was so much fun, i am so excited for her & tyler's little girl to get here in just a few short weeks. i just know our little girls will be the best of friends and it will be so much fun watching them grow up together.
p.s. is anyone else excited for spring to get here? i am, mostly because that is when our baby will be here but i am sick of the freezing cold and i really am itching to get out in my yard and get it looking nice.