Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Miss P

I feel so sad that I neglect this thing so much because I love reading other people's blogs and seeing what is going on in their lives. We have just been so busy enjoying every minute of watching little Miss Paislee grow that I forget to update this.

Here are a few pics from what we have been up to all summer, I will have to post some more soon because I can't believe how much she has changed even just in a few months time.

 We have spent a lot of time at the zoo this summer my grandma gets a zoo pass every year and Paislee absolutely loves going to see the polar bear and seals.

 This little lady still loves to bath, so much she likes to sneak in before I can get her clothes off.

 Loved the rides at Clinton Days and enjoyed a yummy corn dog.
Miss P on the 4th, don't judge me my child LOVES her Coke. 
 Pais & Daddy at the Weber County Fair she had just woken up so it took her a minute to get excited about all the animals. Then she quite enjoyed the demolition derby afterwards.

 We enjoyed lots and lots of lazy Saturdays & Sundays at Grandmas pool.
Don't judge us because still have our bink and she still loves it more than life itself.

Pais got her first really bad "ouchie" playing outside on the cement.

 LOVES ice cream cones.

 Made visits to our fave Unlce Cam.

And one of my very fave's a fresh clean baby!
Paislee is growing up so fast and getting SO smart...
She is learning lots of new words and would probably talk more if we could get rid of the bink, but for now she likes to say
-Daa (dad)
-Ma Ma (grandma)
-Sh** ( i know bad, we have to be careful)
-Shut Up
She can sign eat, drink, more, yummy and thank you.
She has quite the attitude, we have started hitting, yelling, and my favorite biting when she gets mad.
(I thought this was part of the terrible two's, guess not)
We just love our little Princess!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just so everyone knows we are still alive, I seriously can't believe I haven't even posted a single picture since October. So much has changed and Paislee is getting so big and learning so much, I can't believe she will be 1 in just 3 months!

I need to upload some pictures so I can post about everything that has been going on in our lives but that will have to be tomorrow or the next day when I get a few spare minutes, working full time and being a mommy to my sweet girl leaves me with very little time to do this kind of stuff but I like to use it as a diary so I need to start making time.

Here are some recent pics of our sweet girl, more to come soon...

Here is sweet Pais at her grandmas being a cheese, and watching Wonder Pets and totally not interested in Mom or pictures.

Pais now has her two bottom teeth, and the third one on the top is almost here as well so we have to make sure to brush our teeth. Paislee just love to brush her teeth.

And here is Paislee with her two most prized possesions, her binky and blankie. She fell asleep in her walker it was so funny. I love how she sticks her finger in her binky.

I just love being Paislee's mommy!