Friday, August 12, 2011

Where Did You Get Those Blue Eyes

The answer is Miss Paislee got these beautiful blue eyes from her Uncle Cam and her Grammie. I couldn't help but notice how blue her eyes have gotten until she was in this blue outfit the other day. I may be bias because she is my daughter but I think they are absolutely STUNNING! She looks so much like her Uncle Cam and Grammie it's kinda scary, but I won't lie I love looking in those eyes and seeing my brother. I know he wanted her to look just like him because he loves his niece so much and I just know she is his prodigy.

On another note...

I snapped these pictures on my phone at 3 a.m. today. I heard Pais sucking and it woke me up and this is how I found her, sucking that little thumb so hard I thought she would suck it right off! I was so happy because it was the cutest thing to me (even though daddy says were in trouble) I woke him up to witness this cute act as well :) She is just like mommy, I was quite the thumb sucker myself.


I can't believe it but next week my baby girl will 3 months old. Time has flown by since she came into this world. Looking at these pictures gives me a bitter sweet feeling, I miss this tiny little newborn and wish I could keep her little forever but I am enjoying every single minute of watching her grow and learn new things. She makes life SO MUCH FUN!

Right after birth

Going home in her princess outfit.

Just finished eating and looking at mommy.


Matt and Kathryn said...

She is sooooo Cute!! I love her!

Cody and Paige said...

She's adorable Kaylee! Seriosuly SO cute :) Keep these posts (and pictures) coming!!

caitlin parry said...

Kaylee! Oh my gosh she is soooooooooo beautiful!!! Her eyes are so blue! I am glad your updating so I can see this pretty baby girl! Your such a cute mamma.. And it is the best isn't it!