Monday, June 29, 2009

wE WiLL mIsS yOu

So last night my family's chocolate lab Gus passed away. He had really gone down hill this past month and we went back and forth about putting him to sleep but none of us had the guts to do it...he has been in our family for 14 years and has been such a great dog, we loved him to much but it was so hard to see him suffer. So a few nights ago while my mommy was saying her prayers she asked my brother Cam to help us know what to do...and that it was going to be really hard for us to put him down but if that was what we needed to do then to give us the strength to do it. I truly believe that my brother came and got him to spare us the pain of having to take him and we are so grateful for that. Last night I was picking Mylee & Rosko up and I took them out to potty and I couldnt see Gus...and right as I noticed he was not out on the lawn Zoey (my brothers beagle) ran straight to the dog run and my heart sank as I followed her because I knew...I found him in his dog house. We will love and miss this dog so much he truly was such a companion and a member of the family but I find comfort in knowing that he is better and with my brother.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hErE thEy aRe!

Finally some pictures of the inside of our house... Keep in mind I am still working on it. I will have to post pictures of our master bedroom and bath when they dont look like a bomb went off in there! :) Our family room and kitchen are coming together, it is weird the kitchen has been my favorite room to buy things for and I never thought it would be. Our living room is still bare other than the furniture, I wanted to get the other rooms done first! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

HaWaiiAn PaRtY

Last Saturday we had a Hawaiian party at my aunt karens! It was so much fun...everyone came, all of our friends and family. We had hawaiian hay stacks for dinner with ice cream floats...a costume contest...and a hula hoop aunt karen even had a hula dancer come and teach everyone how to hula dance! We had planned on having a "bomb fire" (inside joke for you Tara) really I mean a bon fire but because of all this rain that didnt work out which sucked because me and Tara even had to go home and put sweats on and get out of costumes it was so cold! But despite the rain we had a good time...our Grandpa Widdison even came up, I love when we have our get togethers and get everyone together because we all have our busy lives and never get to see EVERYONE all at once. This was our first themed party usually we just have a casual dinner but we decided to have a theme for one every once in awhile. My idea for one was a Greek party dressing up for that one will be so much FUN! Here are some pictures I took that night most are of me and Dust hula hooping :) LOL

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oUr NeW aDDiTiOn...

So this is the newest addition to our family...our beagle Miley! Yesterday I was at work and browsing KSL while I was making some phone calls, what possesed me to look at dogs I still dont know (as a matter of fact I told Dust a week ago I didnt want a puppy right now cause they are so much work).... so I started looking at some Shitzu puppies because I have wanted one for awhile now but then I came across this beagle, my parents already have a beagle and she is the sweetest dog and so playful so I knew I would like this breed. Oh my heck she was adorable and melted my heart I had to have her. So I called Dust and pleaded my case to him and he said we could get her I was so excited that I didnt even care I was going to have to drive all the way to Orem to get her. Our drive home was quite an adventure though Miley was drooling all over because she was nervous so I put Dustins jacket underneath her well she was so nervous she threw up all over it...I hate puke and someones elses will make me throw up so as I am gagging I had to hurry and pull off the freeway to get the jacket in the trunk! But finally after the long drive we made it home and Dust fell in love with her too! She is so good she goes potty every time we have taken her out and she slept through the night which is SO nice. Of course she had to sleep with me and right on my pillow! I am so excited Rosko will have a little sister to play with now...I love my babies! (:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

FiNaLLy...i WiLL gIvE yOu oNe

so everyone has been telling me to put up some pictures of our house! well here is one of the outside...i will take some of the inside when i clean it this weekend, but remember i am still working on getting it decorated. i thought i had so much stuff before we moved out...but dividing it up makes me feel like our house is bare! we have lived together for 1 month now and i can honestly say it was the best decision we have ever made...i feel like it has allowed us to grow closer and make our relationship stronger. it is so much fun... :) on another note....

tonight is game one of the finals....GO MAGIC! i seriously hope they kick some laker butt. i am not a fan of the lakers and i think it is awesome the magic have made it this far because no one thought they would. and i have a soft spot for dwight howard...i think he is an amazing player but does not get the credit he deserves, and he is not a punk which seems to be rare in the NBA these days. so GOOD LUCK boys!