Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...3 Months...

WOW! Where does the time go, I swear once you have a child your life instantly switches to "fast forward".

On August 18, 2011 little Miss Paislee Cam turned 3 months old, I still don't believe that she is that old but at the same time I can't imagine life without her and it's almost like she has always been apart of our lives (that totally doesn't make any sense, unless you are a parent and those of you that aren't will understand what I mean). Here are some pictures from our 3 month photo shoot.

My cute little bug
The little stinker kept sliding down, but I think it's because she didn't need the blanket to help her sit up anymore...a little bitter sweet moment.

She is always such a happy girl

Look at those legs :)

The reason I breathe

Showing off her belly

Here are some updates on Paislee at 3 Months.

* Weighs 13.5 pounds, Dr. Allred said she puts on weight like a champ.

* She has developed a bit of acid reflux so she is taking a little bit of rice cereal to help keep her food down.

* Starting to roll over on her side, and enjoys tummy time for a few minutes but then gets really mad after she is ready to be done.

* Holding her head up really good, and standing up (with help of course) her legs are getting strong.

* Paislee is SO NOSEY, her new nickname is "Nosey Rosey" because she loves to people watch and fights sleep because she is worried she might miss something. Just like Mommy everyone says :)

* Loves to watch T.V. and be outside, she could do either for hours. She will not eat most times unless she is able to watch T.V. at the same time (were in trouble I know).

* Grabbing and chewing her toys, and blowing spit bubbles all over all of the time.

* Talking, Giggling, and Smiling all of the time. I tell her she is a ham because when anyone tells her she is cute, beautiful etc. she just smiles and flirts.

* She is very smart and has figured out how to let Mommy put her in our bed to snuggle, she loves to snuggle.

* Loves to bath and swim, she is such a water baby.

Thanks for a wonderful 3 months baby girl you are our life and Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! We can't wait for each new chapter in your life and to watch you grow.

From day one I have been telling my Mom "this is my favorite stage" but I find I keep saying that with each new thing she learns. I miss my newborn but I love where she is now and her personality shining through. Being Paislee's mom is truley the best part of my life!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where Did You Get Those Blue Eyes

The answer is Miss Paislee got these beautiful blue eyes from her Uncle Cam and her Grammie. I couldn't help but notice how blue her eyes have gotten until she was in this blue outfit the other day. I may be bias because she is my daughter but I think they are absolutely STUNNING! She looks so much like her Uncle Cam and Grammie it's kinda scary, but I won't lie I love looking in those eyes and seeing my brother. I know he wanted her to look just like him because he loves his niece so much and I just know she is his prodigy.

On another note...

I snapped these pictures on my phone at 3 a.m. today. I heard Pais sucking and it woke me up and this is how I found her, sucking that little thumb so hard I thought she would suck it right off! I was so happy because it was the cutest thing to me (even though daddy says were in trouble) I woke him up to witness this cute act as well :) She is just like mommy, I was quite the thumb sucker myself.


I can't believe it but next week my baby girl will 3 months old. Time has flown by since she came into this world. Looking at these pictures gives me a bitter sweet feeling, I miss this tiny little newborn and wish I could keep her little forever but I am enjoying every single minute of watching her grow and learn new things. She makes life SO MUCH FUN!

Right after birth

Going home in her princess outfit.

Just finished eating and looking at mommy.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Is about to get a whole lot better!

Friday I got an itch to get a new camera. Well I had been wanting a new one for awhile but decided we needed a video camera more with a little one at home. I was supposed to get one for my birthday but we got busy, I was 37 weeks pregnant and miserable so I never felt like going to pick something out, then a week later we became parents and had our little princess so that has kept us busy since then.


Friday I couldn't take it any longer, I gave my husband a little guilt trip about needing my birthday present this year and pleaded my case. To my surprise (well actually it wasn't a surprise, my husband pretty much lets me get just about everything I ask for) he said yes and I started researching and asking around and finally ended up settling on this beauty.

A Canon Rebel T3

It even came with an extra lense, it also will shoot video in HD so I got two new toys in one. I played with it a little this weekend and have already fallen in love it is so fast and takes awesome pictures. I will put some on here soon, mostly pictures of our baby girl of course.

Now that I mentioned my husband letting me get new things, I might as well share this as well. I got a new car...a Ford Escape (See Below)

Mine isn't black it's a dark grey but it is perfect and I am so in love. It has a sunroof, keyless entry, good cup holders, awesome AC and the new Microsoft Sync system so I can answer my phone with just a simple button on my steering wheel and control my ipod on my steering wheel as well, all the must haves in a vehicle as far as I am concerned. I will admit as much as I love our new car it was hard to get rid of my Mazda 6 I have LOVED that car and would not hesitate purchasing a new one...but Paislee's stroller took up the entire trunk and her carseat pretty much took up the entire back seat so I needed a little more room for us but needed something that wasn't a gas hog since I work in Salt Lake, so this works out PERFECT.

On a small side note, my parents ended up buying my Mazda

so I still get to see her so our split hasn't been to bad :)

But that is all my new stuff for now, I am still working on my husband for new carpet in the house, I can't wait to do a post on that someday!