Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So I was going to do a new post on here, but I just spent FOREVER trying to figure out how to change my title font to something cute like everyone has and it didn't work...TWICE so I am mad and done for the day so maybe tomorrow. As for all you cute font people, want to come over and do mine?

Monday, August 9, 2010


So Saturday we got to celebrate Natalie's last girls night out as an un-married woman! We had so much fun, we started off going to dinner then back to Christine's for some drinks and a games (GO TEAM 2! We did win BTW) after that we headed to the Outlaw for more drinks and dancing. After we were done at the bar some of the girls decided that it would be funny to head over to Club Wet where some of the boys were...well we went and it was my first experience at a strip club and I can say I wasn't impressed and won't be going back any time soon haha. The best part of this story is all of the boys went to dinner and were going to the strip club after, well my sweet husband knows that I am not to hip on the idea of him going so he just go's to dinner and catches crap from the boys about not going to the strip club (he has done this for the 2nd bachelor party now) well my hubby was going to pick me up when I was ready to come home and he was expecting to pick me up at Shi's so when I told him he I was ready to leave and I had to tell him that I was at Club Wet (the exact place I told him he couldn't go) it was pretty funny and he loved giving me crap about it!

Don't mind my sweaty hair haha we danced all night, and my wanted sticker on my boob. Hey it was a bachlorette party we do crazy things and have a great time! CONGRATS Nat & Kody I love you guys and can't wait for you guys to get married. I love our group of friends!