Wednesday, April 29, 2009


so tomorrow is the big day...we are supposed to be getting our keys to our house and doing the final walk through. keep your fingers crossed for us that it happens like it is supposed too! our sellers hate me because i wouldnt let them rent our house back ,i feel a little bit bad but we have waited a month & a half for them and we are anxious so i said no oh well though :) hopefully we can get everything moved this weekend and get all settled in...i want to have a house warming party when we are so everyone has to come! yay im so excited!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mY nEW tAtToO...

here is a picture of my new tattoo well its not that new i have acutally had it a couple months now. i had went back and forth on the idea of getting a tattoo to remember my brother for a few months after he passed i couldnt decide if i wanted to get another one i think on some girls they look amazing but i had always promised myself i would only get it took me awhile to get the guts to go get it. and i am so glad that i did i absolutely LOVE it! i am always thinking of my brother but it is so nice to look down at my wrist and have a constant reminder of how much i love him and miss him and to honor him and his life. he was always such an example to me and such a strong sweet person! you will always be missed brother and we cant wait for the day we get to be with you again!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

oUr TrIp tO mOaB!

so this weekend we went to my grandpas house in moab. we had so much fun i really was not expecting to be sad to leave :( it was so nice to get away for a little weekend trip i needed the break from work. we got there on thursday and just relaxed and did a little fishing in my grandpas pond...dust of course caught tons of fish, me i didnt catch one! but i had fun taking the hook out of his and putting them back. friday is the girls day to go shopping for our moab shirts then we met the guys at tater salad it was so windy that we didn't stay to long. on saturday is the big jeep safari day so while everyone went to do that me, dust, kyle, anna, aunt karen, & uncle scott went to town and goofed off for the day! then on sunday we have our easter egg hunt which my grandma hid the eggs so good me and dust found only 3 eggs! then it was time to go home i was sad to go but very anxious to get back home to my baby! i love my family so so much it was fun to get away with them and dust for the weekend and just enjoy being together :) LOVE YOU GUYS!!